Summer is time of travels... but laboriously packing your bag and waiting for hours at the airport for your faraway adventure? Our summer program "Blinder Passagier"* helps! We convert our exhibition in the center of Vienna into an invisible country for you to discover together with our "blind passenger".

*) "Blinder Passagier" translates to stowaway, as in someone who hides on a ship, airplane, etc., in order to travel without paying or being seen. But it could also mean a (regular) passenger who is blind ;-)


With heartfelt attention to detail the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark is rebuilt for the summer months. Typical objects, sounds and smells add up to a bouquet of impressions of our "invisible country". Additionally you'll get some informative hints from our guides  during the tour. However we will not tell you which country you are "travelling" through. If you guess correctly you can enter a raffle after the tour and win many great prizes!

2018 is the 6th journey for our blind passenger. Previous destinations were India, Ecuador, South Africa, Canada and Vietnam. These destinations can be excluded when puzzling for the name of this year's invisible country...

Even around the tour the travel bug got us: sounds, signs and "security checks" contribute to the correct airport atmosphere. Are you ready for boarding?



Travel Time: July 11th - August 25th 2018
Check-In: We-Sat 1pm - 7pm
Take-off: every 15 minutes
Reservation: necessary, please call +43 (0)1 / 890 60 60


We thank our cooperation partner Federal Ministry of Finances (Customs Office).