Dialog im Dunkeln | Dinner im Dunkeln

DiD is an exhibition in which there is absolutely nothing to be seen. In small groups (8 people max) our blind and visually impaired guides will take you on a walk through their world, a world of darkness. In the dark you will be guided through everyday situations which turn into little adventures, as we lose one of our most important senses- our sight.  

Reservation required!  To book tickets call: 01 890 60 60

All tours are held in German or English.
On special request tours may also be possible in French, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Turkish.


During the summer Dialogue in the Dark will shine once more in a new light: the exhibition that lets you lose sight of daily routine will transform (now for the third time) to a distant, invisible country. As a "blinder Passagier" (German for stowaway, word by word: blind passenger) you will get to experience an exotic destination with all senses but your sight: sounds, smells, objects... without even needing to pack your bags or worry about forgetting your passport at home.

At the end of this 60-minute-tour you can guess which country you experienced - and with a bit of luck even win some prizes!

This summer project at Dialogue in the Dark Vienna was inspired by our German "sister" - DialogMuseum in Frankfurt. They have sent their visitors to exotic destinations for almost ten years.


Travel Dates

July 15th - August 29th (summer school holidays)
Wed - Sat: 1pm - 7pm



Our regular prices apply.


Flight reservation

Reservation necessary: please call us - 01/890 60 60!


Check In:

Dialog im Dunkeln,
Freyung 6 / 1010 Wien